The Pessimist’s Guide To Optimism In 6 Easy Steps

Piece written by me for ThoughtCatalog.

Thought Catalog

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Two years ago, 2 a.m., another heart-felt conversation about the latest drama, with the nearest party available. I was fueled by the liquid courage typical of vodka cranberries and the feeling that it had just not been my year.
Of course on paper it would probably go down as a giant success. Academic highs, giant steps in my career and an amazingly wonderful group of friends to #live with. It was probably the most fun I’ve ever had at school, but there I was venting my frustrations out to anyone who’d listen. The discussion ranged from romance, friends, school and anything else that was bothering me. And in that half-hour, I realized I hadn’t managed to say one positive thing about my life or myself.
I went home feeling empty; like that conversation had somehow laid out a map of my life, one that was only filled…

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