The Rise of Social Media: Why all the Worry?

Naturally people will ask what is the concern? Social media is a tool designed to connect us, not some uncontrollable force. The above video addresses some of the anxieties concerning social media. Does it really serve to connect us, or does it isolate us as we become more immersed in social media than our real-life connections. What’s so unfortunate about the video is that it was posted to social media site, where people can comment and share it. I found this video shared over 50 times on Facebook alone. It is ironic to think that this video, which argues against the use of technology and social media, is only seen through social media. It will be shared and only made relevant by the thing that it is fighting against. It has over 7 million views on Youtube, yet urges us to get off Youtube.

The problem with arguing against social media is that there is no way to properly do it. Utilizing print and verbal mediums is not nearly as effective as sharing something on Facebook, yet when sharing something on Facebook is buying into the same values that one is trying to change. All in all, social media is a powerful and necessary tool. It allows people to connect and share ideas. However social media can become dangerous when it isolates us and becomes the integral focus of our lives. People should stop striving for likes, and work on communicating and sharing ideas, something that social media was originally intended for.


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